The white lie about my 85% win rate

I have something to confess…

Word is getting out about my 85%-win rate I’ve achieved over the last few years while trading options. But I have to admit, that’s a bit of a fib…

My actual win rate is 91%. The difference comes from 6% of the time when I make a “safety trade” that only makes money if something unexpected happens.

But when I first started telling investors that I win on 9 out of every 10 trades, many of them didn’t believe me. One guy in particular thought it was simply “too good to be true.”

How did I respond? I didn’t get mad…

Instead … I guaranteed his results.

I said, “You’re right. 91% is kind of hard to believe. So I guarantee that I can make you $67,548 in the next year.” He begrudgingly took me up on it and is now one of my longtime subscribers.

I’m writing you today because I’d like to offer you the same opportunity.

You, too, may be a little skeptical that my 85% win rate is the real deal. So I’m going to guarantee your success at options trading if you follow my simple guidelines.

And it’s okay if you’ve never traded options before—most of my readers hadn’t either before they found me. My step-by-step instructions make it really easy to follow along with my trades.

I’m promising outstanding results: click here to find out more.

To Your Investing Success,

Jim Fink

P.S. I’m only opening my doors for a short amount of time. I encourage you to take a look inside while you still can.  /  /