The main advantages of HDCVI Solution

Dallas’s IP surveillance provides you the ability to view live camera feed from a smartphone or tablet device at all times, so you’re never tethered to the actual camera location. Most common  Network solutions range from 3 megapixels to 8 megapixels and some manufacturers offer networks cameras that deliver 20+ megapixel resolutions. Providing professional installers with highly-effective surveillance solutions, thanks to the realistic pricing of Dahua HDCVI technology, HDCVI based installations cost effective and often less expensive than analog equivalents.

If one has an operating analog CCTV system all the cables and connectors will most likely be compatible with an HDCVI DVR. Dahua is are specialized in various security solution Time Attendance System, Access Control System, Video Surveillance System, Intruder / Burglar Alarms, Fire Detection Equipment’s & Accessories, Metal Detectors and various other types of industry related security system. HD-CVI can transmit over any cable used for CCTV cameras.

When using HD-CVI solution, No new cabling is required when upgrading existing analog surveillance systems to high definition when you are using HDCVI Technology. In most cases, HD-CVI is around the same price as the older analog video surveillance and is far less expensive than HD-SDI or IP Network transmission. HDCVI Technology is a cost-effective solution that allows for a more complex installation, based on existing RG-59 coaxial cable.

Human Guards are still essential components of your security solution. HDCVI 3.0 not only offers HD across long distances but also features no-latency capability for outstanding real-time performance, because there is no compression processing required to maintain its original effect, resulting in vivid image quality. Upon request for a local installation company to assist you with your security system, we will notify local dealers in your area to handle your installation.

Dahua also carries units that are able to record multiple different technologies at once such as our Hybrid and Tribrid units. Dahua’s DVRs and NVRs support Analog, CVI, Network IP, and even HD-SDI surveillance cameras. Access: Whether an IP camera or DVR system, both technologies allow users to access their cameras remotely.

Ease of Use:
Network cameras are typically the best solution for consumers who have a very simplistic need for surveillance. This is not to say that you can’t get top-quality video from a network camera. After testing, it was confirmed that different-brand HDTV and AHD cameras can work with their respective DVRs, as long as the same format is used.

Dahua’s HD-CVI is a cutting edge technology in the video surveillance industry that provides a different method for transmitting video signals over coaxial cables.
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