Shenzhen 5 days Visa on Arrival

Short term visas for Shenzhen are issued for tourism purposes only. In the article below, we go into further details and upgrade the information offered in our earlier article on business visas, as well as give answers to the following questions.

One example of this is French citizens. For years, they were unable to obtain this visa due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries. The latest information available says that now, French people are, in truth, able to obtain this type of visa.

For the countries that aren’t described, we don’t have reliable information on their situation, but it is most likely that they are in one of the first two situations. To get a general idea of the situation, check out the list of countries that can apply for a transit visa exception.

In theory, you can also get this visa at the Huanggang Slot, Shekou Slot, and Fuyong Slot border crossings. Nonetheless, information on this is unclear.

The Chinese visa we are dealing with here is the ‘5-Day Shenzhen Visa’. Ignore talk of some other visa, this is the visa you want in this situation.

After you Get off the train, follow all the other passengers. You can arrive at Hong Kong immigration, you might need to have filled out a little ‘departure form’, do this just in case. Go through a ‘Visitors’ line.

Continue to walk through the building. You can complete over an indoor footbridge. Pass a ‘Welcome to Shenzhen’ sign. Site visitors are signposted to be on the right at this point, however, once you complete the welcome sign move to the remaining sharply. Enter the next section of the building and look to your remaining, you will see two escalators which look completely irrelevant and anonymous. You will find no signposts. These are the magical escalators that will take you to the hidden visa software area. I have no idea why they don’t signpost this. Proceed up the escalators.

At the top of the escalators, you will see a wall with instructions on how to get the visa. There is a small application form to fill out, you simply need to put your name, passport number etc. Take 5 minutes to fill out the form.

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