Bitcoin’s derivatives provide a simple access to the bitcoin market

The emergence of Bitcoin into the realm of online payments has delivered incredible innovation to the financial world. The future of bitcoin looks promising . In fact, bitcoin appears to become a commodity and a standard form of currency that people are able to use to pay with.
There is no doubt that bitcoins will become a major form of currency in the near future.
It is assumed that bitcoin prices continue to rise constantly, which means that those who currently don’t own bitcoin and do not plan to own bitcoins in future due various reasons such as legal issues, technical issues, or security concerns, are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to make profits .
For those who prefer to use the old familiar currency system and still want to add bitcoin to their investments portfolio, there are several financial instruments the provide them simple access to the bitcoin markets without buying actual bitcoins. Such financial instruments are bitcoin’s derivatives  as:  bitcoin futures ,spread betting, CFDs ,Forex trading, and binary options.
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